Our extraordinary, authentic and functional spa concept
roughly addresses requirements in terms of :

Spa ambiance

Aiming at achieving a harmonious and cosy atmosphere within the spa architecture as well as intelligent lighting and audio concepts and holistic interior design (mood boards and 3D-visualisation).

Spa ceremonies

Aiming at providing gentle and guest-oriented procedures, a professional treatment programme, including spa rituals, spa uniforms and spa etiquette for guests and staff, as well as initial recommendations of highly effective products, respectively visible and tactile results.

Spa facilities

Aiming at multi-functional utilisation and providing an attractive spa menu, including packages.

Such requirements will be addressed in detail during subsequent project phases.


Typical procedure

  • Importing the plans (scans or 2D-CAD)

  • Re-drawing walls and facilities

  • Specifying various spa topics and areas

  • Arranging of SPA areas in several variants

  • Drawing and charting SPA areas

  • Draft of the wellness section (pool, thermal cabins, wet areas, relaxation)

  • Draft of various spa treatment rooms

  • Draft of spa relaxation area and shop

  • Draft of spa reception, spa lounge, back office and ancillary rooms

  • Support in preparing detailed technical planning



 Calculation of profitability

Having a business plan is useful and necessary for financial success of the spa area (profit centre) in the long term!

We recommend to conduct a comprehensive financial feasibility study (strategy, positioning, treatment plan, spatial planning, etc.) as soon as the spa concept has been finalised, so as not to leave to chance either profit or profitability.

Financial success or failure of a spa area are affected or even determined as early as in the planning phase. Thus, any conceptual or architectural decision will also have an economic impact on the spa area. In many cases, changes requested during or after the construction phase either cannot be implemented at all, or at significant additional cost and effort, only.

A business plan or analysis of key performance indicators will prove quite useful in terms of providing a basis for making decisions. Implementation of the project should commence no sooner than when success has been deemed feasible according to the business plan!

Our comprehensive
study includes:

  • Three scenarios and their business implications

  • Calculation of capacity (per day / treatment room)

  • Analysis of the sales potential, taking into consideration space and staff capacities as well as business hours

  • Calculation of necessary staff number (during the initial stage and with regard to daily business 
 after the introduction stage)

  • Personnel cost calculation

  • Running costs

In addition, the study provides valuable key indicator information
for the investor, respectively operators:

  • Profit, respectively loss forecast (three scenarios)

  • R.O.I.

  • Necessary utilisation capacity
    (required number of treatments / sales per day) for breaking even

  • Productivity calculations (benchmarking by comparable businesses)


Our room books state the following items to help architect, interior designer and executing company to fully comprehend the design:

  • Descriptions of mood, functionality and temperature for each room

  • Recommendation of materials required for surfaces in the spa and wellness area

  • Descriptions and data of all furniture
    (massage tables, facial chairs, wet rooms, thermal cabins, etc.)

  • Electrical requirements for the equipment

  • Installation requirements, respective structural requirements, if necessary

  • Lighting elements

  • Musical requirements

  • Fittings and fixtures

  • Construction briefing (joiner, plumber, electrician, etc.)

  • Paying visits to supplier show rooms to select and specify the design

  • Coordinating technology and design issues

  • Artistic site management

  • Preparing mood boards

  • Preparing 3D visualisations



Our service modules:

  • Selecting a name and creating a logo for the spa

  • Compiling a balanced spa programme (recommendations with regard to international spa brands and – if deemed useful – a home brand)

  • Developing the spa menu and defining sales products
    (including pricing, taking into account
 cost of sales)

  • Developing “signature treatments”, if deemed useful

  • Developing treatment packages

  • Developing gift coupons

  • Ongoing marketing support in terms of graphic design,
    text, concepts of brochures and printed materials

  • Proposals for classic advertising

  • Proposals for PR activities

  • Proposals for social-media activities

  • Budgeting and controlling


Spa management guidance

One of the greatest challenges in terms of successfully operating a spa area is the ability to establish a management system. In the absence of adequate leadership, it is hardly possible to operate the spa area in a profitable manner or utilise in full its potential capacity.

To this end, we are able to select, train and support on behalf of the operator a spa manager, who will optimally meet daily challenges in a target-oriented manner.

Our spa management programme includes support in recruiting, training, team building, budgeting, agreement on objectives, controlling, reporting and supervision.

In addition, we prepare necessary job descriptions, treatment manuals and service specifications for reception and sales areas (including gift coupons sales).



Instruction and Training

Adequately qualified and well-motivated staff are an essential success factor. Customer satisfaction is, above all, staff responsibility.

Professional service does not come by decree. We directly impart on location such conduct that works by actively practicing it with staff. Thus, theoretical knowledge evolves into invaluable practical experience.

Training in treatment procedures

  • Training in spa menu handling, including internal procedures and spa rituals

  • Training in special massage techniques (signature treatments)

Training in organisational development and service orientation

  • Training in quality standards and facilitation to continuously
    improve services and processes

  • Training for continuous improvement and enhancement
    of service and
 sales performance


Permanent supervision

After the grand opening, we offer our programme of ongoing support – demonstrating / monitoring / correcting – in collaboration with the local team, on site, directly in the spa area.

Moreover, we offer ongoing management support, for instance via conference calls or by periodical visits on location.

By way of an alternative to ongoing support, we are also able to conduct spa checks on a regular, perhaps annual basis. After each spa check, we provide feedback by virtue of a report concerning financial standing and quality compliance of the spa, including proposals for potential improvement.